One Aim Excellence …. Let’s Complete Together works on domestic Holiday packages,
     we show your customize packages to Indian travelers. charges no sign-up fees, When you
     start working with us in partnership.

List your customize packages detail,
     make sure you update all Information we need.
After listing your packages, we'll review your information, once we
     confirm your listing or set your packages live then you start
     receiving Booking.

If you List your packages to, you pay commission on each
      booking. The commission percentage will send to you by email once you
      confirm same mail.

Commission will be payable after the completion of packages duration.
      We'll send invoice with the amount of commission.

Business Opportunity

  • Margo Trip gives a Business opportunity for those who want to grow your business to be a part of Travel Guide or want to work with us as a freelancer (work from home).
  • Who wants to work with us, first you will need to sign-up our travel site and update your details as per our requirement.
  • After sign up, our verification teams contact with you and give some guidelines to our work strategy.
  • After confirmation, we will send you Agreement, there is mention working or payment related info. If you agree our criteria regarding payment release policy or commission percentages will pay you by Margo Trip. You will start work from the same day.
  • Margo trip works only on domestic holiday packages, our travel guide or freelance team responsibility sell these packages.
  • No working criteria for freelancer team.
  • If Team Freelancer needs some help regarding holiday packages or some other details, we will available 24/7.
  • Margo trip believes our service like Trust, Flexibility, Relationship, communication.

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